Respite Care / Take a break

We offer short-term or periodic care and support service in order to provide customers, families and/or Carers with a break.

Night Services

Waking Nights

Our dedicated Night staff are able to provide care and support throughout the night in your home.

Respite Care / Take a break

We can offer Home Care & Support to you and your family on a regular basis or short term respite.

Practical Support / Domestic Tasks


Accompanying locally or in the car. Supporting with online shopping. Undertaking shopping on the individual's behalf.



Gardening, cleaning, doing dishes, laundry, running errands and more.

Meals and drinks

Supporting an individual to prepare their own or have prepared for them. Planning balanced meals and promoting healthy eating. Ensuring sufficient nutrition and hydration.

Personal Care and Hygiene

Bathing and dressing




Applying make-up, hair-styling and more


Ensuring safety in the home

We understand that this is often the most difficult help to accept. That’s why we approach it with the utmost respect for our clients dignity, independence and personal pride. We know its important to feel your best and we will assist in anyway way we can to achieve this.

Medical / Health


Many people of all ages can find it difficult to manage medication. Taking a variety of pills at specific times can be challenging. We can support with your medication in different ways from prompting you to administering it.

Health & Wellbeing

Staying fit and healthy is important to maintain physical fitness and good mental health at any age. We can asssit whether our client wants to attend a local physcial activity or even support with simple exercises at home.

Companionship and Personal Assistance

Running errands


Playing social games


Walking the dog together


Accompanying you on travels


Going to the theatre, cinema or social clubs

Many elderly people like a companion to spend time with them or to support them in different activities. Our caring team can share quality time with you,, share your interests, be that extra support when you go out or really anything… the possibilities are endless.

How it works

Get in touch

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Let’s meet

Our home care specialist will provide a free consultation to discuss and create your personally tailored care plan.

Care begins

Your personal care plan will be delivered by our care specialists.

Home Care & Support Services

Our dedicated Care Assistants will support with tasks to enable you to live at home independently.

Reablement Service

Our dedicated Care Assistants work with adults to re-enable them to lead full and independent lives.

Social / Assisted Visits

We can support with shopping, laundry or ironing, cleaning, social activities or companionship care.

Dementia Support Service

We offer specialist dementia care by trained staff to support you and your family at home.

Physical Disability Service

Our dedicated Care Assistants will support with tasks to enable you to live at home independently.

Learning Disabilities

We provide care and support to adults with a range of learning disabilities, providing outcome focused care.

End of Life Care

End of Life Care or Palliative Care for individuals to remain in their home or place they feel most comfortable.

Complex Care

We work with adults to enable them to lead full and independent lives.

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