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We’re getting on our bikes!

Here at HCL, making a difference is our passion. Not only for our service users but also for our employees’ well-being and the environment as a whole. So our employees have been enrolling on to a Health & Well-being Course, where the statistics show that a healthy workforce is a happy workforce.

We are now upping the ante here at HCL! We have introduced the Bike2Work Scheme which enables employers and employees to work together to take part in the Government’s Cycle to Work Scheme. Bike2Work Scheme administer the scheme free of charge and provide all the materials we need to make it work successfully. We have purchased a number of top of the range bicycles which are now available for our employees to use to deliver our services. Why worry about parking and traffic jams when you could be environmentally friendly and get fit?

Cycling is great fun but it also has many health benefits. It’s one of the easiest forms of exercise because you can ride a bike almost anywhere, at any time of year, without spending a fortune. You don’t need any professional skills or to commit to a rigid timetable. You just need a bike, a spare half hour here or there, and a bit of confidence.

Biking is obviously great for building strength and muscle tone in your legs and hips, but did you know that it also strengthens your upper body and improves your balance? This is because you use your core muscles and the muscles in your back, arms and neck help keep your upper body stable on the bike, so all in all, your whole body gets a workout.

Your heart also gets a workout whilst cycling, which improves heart health and stamina, and studies have shown that your cardiovascular fitness can increase by up to 7%.  In fact, studies by the British Medical Association have shown that riding a bike just 20 miles a week can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 50%.

As well as all the fitness benefits, travelling by bike is free! Keeping a car on the road in the UK today costs a small fortune, most of which is spent on fuel, whereas the only fuel you need to ride a bike you.

So why not join us in getting on your bikes at your workplace?!  Contact Bike2Work Scheme for more information.

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