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September Newsletter

Hello and welcome to our Newsletter for September.

Dignity in Care

Way back in February we commenced our focus on the Eight Dignity Factors and how these apply these to the role  of a Care Worker. These were introduced because research indicated that there are eight key factors that promote dignity in care. Each of these factors contributes to a person’s self-respect and they should all be present in care.  

The eight dignity factors are Choice/Control, Communication, Eating and Nutritional Care, Pain Management, Personal Hygiene, Practical Assistance, Privacy and our final factor, Social Inclusion.

Social Inclusion is about supporting people to keep in contact with family and friends and to participate in social activities. Care Workers can help achieve this by something as simple as ensuring that the person they care for is up and ready and has received appropriate care before they leave to attend a Day Care Centre. Or maybe sitting with them and chatting for a while to find out more about them and what they are interested in.

All Care Workers should be aware of how important it is that their Service User feels supported and included in general society, which leads onto our next topic….

Results of the Service User Survey

We have now passed the deadline for return of the surveys that were sent to all HCL Service Users. The objective of the survey was to find out what our Service Users felt about the service they received from HCL, hopefully what we are doing well and also what we need to improve on.

Some facts from the survey:

A total of 553 surveys were sent out and 150 were completed and returned.
A total of 83.6% of those surveyed rated the service they receive as excellent or good and 62% said they would recommend HCL to a friend or relative who needed care.
Also 94.4% of Service Users said they would describe their relationship with their care worker as excellent or good.

We have received some really positive comments about Care Workers and the quality of the Service provided by HCL:

  • Homecare service is “excellent” and “all the staff are professional and caring. I have only been with the service for a couple of months and have been totally satisfied with the kindness shown to me.” They said they would definitely recommend HCL.
  • “Carers are friendly and helpful..”
  • Homecare service is “excellent” and “for the care and attention shown by all the staff, I would recommend HCL to anyone because of the excellent carers and office staff who always try to accommodate times and changes to care. The carer’s manner and care towards me are excellent. The office are always considerate and polite.” Again, they said they would definitely recommend HCL.
  • Homecare service is “excellent”, they would definitely recommend HCL and commented “care workers are always sympathetic.”
  • Homecare service is “excellent”, they would definitely recommend HCL and commented “they’re always reliable and caring to me.”
  • “The quality of care I get from my carers is excellent, always there and ready to help when needed.”
  • “The carers are all very easy to get on with and very pleasant.”
  • The carers are “understanding and good with my dad and do their job well.”

Well done everyone and thank you!!

Care Certificates

Congratulations and well done to Thomas Boyle, Lisa Brayshaw ,Vicky Cunningham and Danielle Johnson who have all successfully achieved their Care Certificate following induction training and observations completed during care delivery to access competence:

Also a well done to Sophie Fletcher and Mandy McLachlan from the office team who have successfully completed the following distance learning modules “End of Life” (Sophie) and “Understanding safe handling of medication” (Mandy).

And finally….

We will be supporting the World’s Biggest Coffee Morning for Macmillan on 29 September 2017.

The office team will be raising funds through selling coffees and cakes and we’d love it if you could come along! So feel free to pop in for a cuppa and a cake and help us raise money for this amazing charity.

All money raised will be donated to We are Macmillan – Cancer Support. Thank you.

We hope you enjoyed our latest news and we’ll see you again in October.

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