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November Newsletter

Once again, November is upon us and we’d like to welcome you to our latest Newsletter.

New Contract to deliver care on behalf of Liverpool City Council

As mentioned in the October Newsletter HCL were successful in achieving a contract to deliver care on behalf of Liverpool City Council. I now have some further information regarding the contract that I can share with you.

The new contract will operate as follows

There will be two levels of providers – Preferred Providers and Approved Providers. The Preferred Provider is given the first option to agree to accept the care package and if they are unable to do so the care package will be offered to the Approved Provider. Under the previous contract there were four Preferred Providers in the city but this has now been increased to eight. There are a total of seventeen Approved Providers who will be keen to grow their businesses and accept care packages.

HCL are the Preferred Provider for Norris Green, Croxteth, City Centre (new Locality for HCL) West Derby and Kensington.  As a Preferred Provider, we have a five hour opportunity to agree to the care package, if we fail to do so this it will be offered to the Approved Provider. We will no longer be the Preferred Provider for Fazackerly as this has been allocated to Local Solutions and Icare Health under the new ward of Aintree. We are an Approved Provider for Fazackerly and should the new Preferred Providers not pick up care packages in the area, they will be offered to HCL as an Approved Provider for the area. We are currently working with Liverpool City Council and other Care Providers to ensure a seamless transition to the new contract.

Care Quality Commission Inspection.

Our long awaited CQC Inspection has finally taken place. It is fair to say it was a very thorough inspection with CQC spending time speaking to Service Users and staff, inspecting Service User and staff files, care plans and risk assessments, reviewing how we respond to complaints and safeguarding incidents, our policies and procedures, care plans and outcomes and our care worker documentation.

The inspection commenced on 6 October and in addition to representatives from CQC being on site for several days, they also visited some Service Users in their homes. We will receive a formal report shortly that details how we have performed in relation to these five key lines of enquiry (KLOE) questions that CQC review when they are inspecting a service:

  • Are they safe?
  • Are they effective?
  • Are they caring?
  • Are they responsive to people’s needs
  • Are they well-led?

We did receive some initial feedback, some positive and some developmental, and we await the overall report for final confirmation of our overall rating. However, the inspector reported that both staff and Service Users feel supported and on the whole speak positively about the service that we provide.  Feedback about the Mental Capacity Act and Depravation of Liberty (MCA/DOLS) was also positive

Flu Immunisation (flu jab)

At HCL, the health of our Service Users and our staff is taken very seriously. With this in mind, and particularly at this time of year, we are following the advice and information provided by Public Health England to actively encourage all our staff to arrange to have a flu jab both for their own protection and to protect Service Users from illness.

We are pleased to say that both the Mayor and the Lord Mayor are backing the flu jab campaign in Liverpool.


As always, we will be contacting all our Service Users to request confirmation of the services that they require over the Christmas Holiday period. HCL operate 365 days a year and Christmas is business as usual for us so we plan our staffing levels careful to ensure we are available for those Service Users who do need us over the Christmas holiday period.

However, if you know of anyone who will be on their own and has nowhere to go this Christmas Day, a group of local charities are working together with the City Council to provide free Christmas Day dinner parties for more than 1,000 vulnerable people across Liverpool. You can read more about this here.

Cold Weather Warning

So far we have not had any official warnings about cold weather but as we approach the winter season, we want to encourage all our Service Users to keep warm. Here are a few hints and tips that should help:

  • Do some exercise, if able such as walking or at least keeping arms and feet moving.
  • Wear several layers of thin clothes rather than just on thick layer.
  • Clothes made of natural fibres such of wool are warmer.
  • Wear thermal underwear.
  • Put a shawl or blanket over your knees or around your shoulders, or wear a scarf around your head and neck.
  • Wear warm clothes or socks in bed.
  • Use additional blankets when in bed or two duvets rather than just one.
  • Use an electric blanket or hot water bottle to warm the bed before getting in.
  • Drink hot drinks regularly throughout the day.
  • Eat plenty of starchy carbohydrates e.g. potatoes, rice and pasta to keep energy levels up and stay warm.

Best wishes from all of us at HCL for a warm and cozy November and watch this space for more news and updates coming soon.

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