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Local Council’s Social Care Budgets are in Crisis under Austerity Measures

Adult social care is the biggest area of spending for Britain’s Local Councils, making up about a third of their overall budget. Homecarers Liverpool have been commissioned by Liverpool City Council to look after pensioners and vulnerably adults for 23 years and costs are rising every year.

Karen Caffrey has said that the increased minimum wage, plus more onerous pensions obligations, will cost her an extra £128,000 ($160,000) in 2017 and yet the amount she is paid by the local authority is unlikely to increase from £13.10 per hour. Liverpool’s spending on adult social care has fallen from £222m in 2010 to £130m, even as an ageing population has increased demand and Karen says “Providers can’t keep taking it on the chin.”

To read the full article in The Economist magazine, please click here.

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