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Home Carers Liverpool Spearheads Digital Transformation of Home Care in Liverpool

Home Carers Liverpool has once again been featured in the media for our innovative approach to care, being the first to integrate the PASSsystem into our existing working processes. This helps our clients with a more tailored care plan that’s easy to track. We hope to continue to spearhead the revolution in care for our team, clients and families by adopting further cutting-edge technologies. It’s an honour that our dedication to modernising home care is being recognised.

The article below appears on Innovation Agency NWC:

Liverpool is leading the way in the use of smartphone technology to deliver and monitor better quality care in people’s homes.

The city is the first to introduce a digital system with almost all domiciliary care providers – giving instant information about 9,000 vulnerable residents to their families and healthcare professionals.

The use of an app allows care providers and families to see when a care visit is carried out by a care worker and for how long. This real-time visibility of care visits also shows the care duties performed, the outcomes met and how the person responded.

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