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Employee Spotlight: Christine’s 22 Years at HCL

“I still love my job 22 years on”


Earlier this week, we celebrated Christine’s 22 years at Homecarers!

Christine is one of our longest-serving Care Assistants, so this is a tremendous accomplishment. We are grateful for her years of hard work and dedication, as we believe it takes a special kind of person to devote so many years of their life to caring for others.

When we asked Christine what she loves most about working for HCL, she replied…

My favourite thing about working for HCL is being there to help people who struggle with everyday life, it might be personal care or just being there to support them… having a chat… it’s company for some people who do not see another face, and it’s nice to know you’re doing that’.

Christine is praised by many in HCL, service users, office staff and carers alike. One of our co-ordinator’s Les described Christine as ‘one of the best carers ever!’ and trust us, if you have Les’ approval, you must be doing something right 😉

We asked Christine why she thinks people should pursue a career in care:

‘You can make a difference, it’s nice to know there is someone there who is going to make a change to their lives, just seeing some of the clients faces when you turn up when they have not seen anyone for a few hours makes it worth it’.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves: the work you do makes a huge difference in the lives of so many people, and we are so grateful to Christine and so many other caregivers like her who have dedicated so many years to such a demanding, but rewarding profession.

Furthermore, it’s no secret that HCL is progressing as a company, as Christine has seen over the years:

‘I have seen loads of changes in HCL over 22 years, 3 different offices, 4 different uniforms: pinstripe, white and jade boarder, yellow and now grey, but like everything it changes with progress. I still love my job 22 years on’.

If you’re considering a career in care like Christine, please click here for available vacancies, or give our recruitment team a call on 0151 737 2820, option 3.

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