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CQC Inspection Results – January 2017

Following the inspection of HCL in October 2016, our CQC report and rating has been agreed and published. During the inspection CQC found examples which demonstrated that good care was being provided to people but also found some areas where improvement was needed. So whilst the rating of ‘Requires Improvement’ was initially disappointing, there are still lots of positive comments and feedback contained within the report.

We still have work to do to address the areas where we have Room for Improvement. This includes taking a more person centred approach to care planning and ensuring this is reflected in how we approach care delivery. An action plan has been submitted to CQC detailing how we will deliver the improvements that are required.

Care Plans were an area of concern, but the new PASS system and review of all Service User Care Plans to focus on person centred care will help address this. However, overall feedback received by CQC from our Service Users was good. They felt that their dignity and respect was maintained by staff and felt at ease that with staff supporting them for their personal care needs. Comments received by CQC included the following:

People told us that staff were kind, caring and friendly. People spoke highly of staff who attended them regularly, telling us that they had developed positive relationships with them. However they also told us that they were sometimes supported by staff who they did not know. Despite this people commented that all staff were friendly.

People felt that their dignity and respect was maintained by staff. They told us staff were respectful of their homes and tidied up after themselves. They also commented that they felt at ease with staff supporting them to attend to their personal care needs.

Most people told us that they had staff who they had built up good relationships with, whilst some told us that they did not consistently have the same staff. People commented that all staff were friendly, and conducted themselves professionally. Some of their comments included, “I don’t always get the same carers, but saying that they’re all friendly and nice people”, “Most of the time I have regular carers, but sometimes at the weekend or if there’s holidays I can have different carers”, “All the carers are lovely”, “We have a laugh, I look forward to them coming, it makes my day” and “The carers are fantastic, they’re like my own girls”. We fed these comments back to management who confirmed that sometimes due to sickness and annual leave it was difficult to ensure people had the same staff all of the time.

CQC were also happy that Service Users felt comfortable with HCL’s complaints process. They felt comfortable raising any concerns, that they were taken seriously and responded to in a timely and appropriate manner.

HCL were also found to have strong links in the community to help reduce social isolation amongst elderly and vulnerable people and were also engaging with local colleges to promote apprenticeships in adult social care within the Merseyside area.

You can see the full report on the CQC website here.

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