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Carer of the Month: May 2022

We are very happy to announce our May Employee of the Month winner, Ann Schofield!

Ann has received a wealth of feedback from service users and their loved ones over the past few weeks, praising her for her excellent work.

Mr K stated ‘Ann is the best carer I’ve had, I’m very grateful for everything she does for me‘, his favourite being ‘putting the blower heater on for me to warm the bedroom up for after I get out of the shower to apply cream and clothes’.

It’s the little things!

One service user’s husband was very grateful for Ann, who was there to help in a time of need

Thank you very much for your help putting the electricity back on. After the toaster tripped the electric, my wife was stuck in the electric recliner laying down unable to get to toilet’.

Ann really can do it all!

Well done, and thank you for your continued hard work supporting our service users. Enjoy your prize 🙂

We would also like to give a huge shout out to our other nominees…

Both our deputy managers, Kay and Jo, nominated Chloe McLoughlin for receiving amazing feedback from service users, and sacrificing many weekends and nights out to work on her days off.

Next up, our STAR’s co-ordinator Marie put Julie Corrigan and Barbara Smith, two of our STARS (Supportive and End of life) forward, who have been praised by service users families for how considerate, caring and vigilant they both are.

And finally, Peter Lewis, for all the help he has given to Stars, especially with cover.

Well done guys!

Keep going above and beyond for our clients and you may be in with a chance of winning next month!

If you think one of our Care Assistants deserves special recognition, please leave your feedback on People Planner, or click here.

Thank-you, and keep your eyes peeled for our June winner!

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