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April 2018 Newsletter

Hello and welcome to our April Newsletter.

April 2018 is Stress Awareness Month

Skills for Care are promoting Stress Awareness Month this April. At HCL we understand and appreciate that working in social care can be demanding and sometimes this can result in stress. Throughout April, Skills for Care will be using Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to promote the resources they have that can help anybody who feels they may be under stress. 

To learn more about this, click here to visit Skills for Care Mental Health & Resilience Resources page. 

Safehouse & Caring Cloud

HCL are participating in a new pilot in partnership with Liverpool City Council to monitor the temperature humidity and CO2 levels in an older persons’ homes to identify any potential risks.

The first phase of the pilot is to install plug in safe boxes which contain sensors that pick up on the room temp humidity and CO2 levels. These will be placed in homes where there is already a Telecare Lifeline in place and will run alongside it to monitor the reliability of the new equipment. The system is called Caring Cloud and going forward, it can be accessed via an app by family members or carers.

The Telecare Lifeline service is currently all analogue technology and will have to be replaced by digital technology by 2020 (in a similar way to when analogue TVs all changed over to digital). By participating in this pilot we are testing new technology for the future and being innovative with a view to winning more contracts. If successful we can add on sensors to detect movement or falls with a view to alerting us to identifying people at risk of falls.  

This is another example of how HCL are leading the way in championing the introduction of new technology that will enable us and other health professionals deliver a safe and caring service.

One Liverpool

HCL are working with the Liverpool Clinic Commissioning Group (CCG) to promote One Liverpool. This is a plan that sets out how partners, which include HCL, will come together to support improved health in the city. Partners will adopt a ONE TEAM approach and will include Primary Care, Social Care and Mental Health Services and we will be able to provide more information about this as the initiative progresses.

Care Workers are key players in driving forward healthy initiatives with Service Users and at HCL, we actively encourage our Service Users to keep to a healthy diet and plenty of fluids as a starting point. We know too that the health and wellbeing of our Care Workers is also very important and are now running a Health and Well Being Programme with the Health First Team that any of our staff can take part in.

And last but not least…

We bid a farewell to Marie Fleming from the office team who retired on 26 April after completing nearly 10 years with HCL and a working life of 48 years! We all wish Marie a long and happy retirement!

We also welcome Debbie Clark to the Senior Management Team who prior to joining us has undertaken various senior roles in HR and Management and brings a wealth of experience to the team. We all wish Debbie well in her new role.

So that’s it for April and we’ll be back in May with some more updates.  Thanks for reading!



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