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Our Partners

At HCL, we are proud to promote good practice within the Health and Social Care sector by working in partnership with the a wide range of organisations.

See what some of our partners say about working with HCL…

“Health First Team is a relatively small social enterprise that was set up to help people to improve their health and wellbeing. We aim to achieve this by providing education, training and coaching about the benefits of good nutrition and exercise which meet the identified needs of our beneficiaries.

We recognise the link between inequality and health; therefore we will work with a wide range of communities to deliver wider social, environmental and economic benefits. It is our intention to maximise the impact of public funding by taking account of wider community benefits such as the development of employment, training and entrepreneurial skills.

We have been working collaboratively with Homecarers Liverpool (HCL) since January 2015. During this time we have delivered our health and wellbeing programmes to at least 70 members of their Care Support Team as an integral part of HCL’s commitment to workforce development. HCL were very keen to work with local social enterprise to develop their services, in particular they have demonstrated a commitment not only to improve the health and wellbeing of their staff by investing in our health and wellbeing programmes, but also work towards achieving their organisation’s long term goals of improving the health and wellbeing of their service users by, for example, reducing GP visits and hospital admissions.”

Tony Excell, Managing Director
Health First Team, Liverpool

RLK testimonial

“Homecarers Liverpool were the driving force in setting up the Home Care CIC. As Chair, Karen has given her time and openly shared their experience within the group.

Homecarers Liverpool have also taken an active role in the eHealth Cluster, giving feedback to technology providers and regularly speaking at events.”

Rosemary Kay, Director
RLK Partnerships Limited

“Liverpool & Sefton Chambers have worked closely with Homecarers to develop their sustainable business strategy, focussing particularly on issues relating to sustainable travel. Homecarers identified a number of key priorities including:

  • Save time and money through more efficient travel policies and practices, for example, improve and reduce staff travel time to and from work and between calls allowing more for greater punctuality of visits and ensuring quality time is spent with the customer.
  • Achieve environmental benefits, reducing the need and the frequency to travel as well as ensuring that they choose the most environmentally efficient option where practical.
  • Reduce emissions that contribute to air quality and climate change.
  • Make corporate and social responsibility (CSR) improvements which improve the safety and wellbeing of travelling staff, and reduce the impacts of business travel on the environment and community, for example, supporting a reduction in carbon and improving air quality emissions.
  • Strengthen staff benefits package to reduce staff turnover and improve retention rates.
  • Demonstrate long term commitment to the principles of CSR including the impact on the local community.
  • Promote and support the health and wellbeing of the workforce and the service users, raising awareness about healthy lifestyle choices with a focus on prevention of ill health, raising fitness levels and promoting physical and mental health awareness.

In order to support those aspirations, Homecarers successfully applied for grant funding for a shower installation, cycling parking and the purchase of pool bikes. As members of the Merseytravel Employers Network, Homecarers continue to promote sustainable travel, demonstrating strong leadership and commitment and we look forward to working with them to build on and develop their future proposals.”

Michelle Cameron, Sustainable Business Advisor
Liverpool & Sefton Chambers of Commerce

Lpool Chamber testimonial

EDUK Testimonial

“We have been working in partnership with HCL since 2003 to ensure staff receive a full programme of high quality training that equips them to care for and enable people in their own homes. HCL staff are compassionate, caring and dedicated to providing excellent levels of care.   Our partnership is open and honest and the longevity of this relationship provides consistency and commitment toward achieving a common goal.”

“Dear Karen,

It was obvious when we met that you really valued your staff & cared about their health & wellbeing. You had a clear vision of the role that cycling could play in their fitness & the benefit of having staff who are alert & energised as a result of just having got off a bike. It was also apparent that you valued the fact that, like you, we are a local, independent family business creating jobs & trying to be a force for good in our community. Giant Liverpool were delighted to be given the opportunity of working with you on this project & we wish you every success.”

Colin Trigg, Director
Giant Liverpool

Giant Testimonial

KCC logo testimonial

“KCC provide individually tailored solutions that support the Company to up-skill their staff.  This helps enhance working practices and enables Homecarers Limited to provide a high standard of care to their clients. Together we provide short courses, apprenticeships at Level 2 and 3 and management qualifications at Level 5 that meet the  specific requirements of the business.”

Cynthia Davies, Trainer/Assessor
Knowsley Community College

“I have worked in partnership with Homecarers on several projects including Liverpool’s Winter Assistance campaign and more recently the Older Persons conference. Homecarers Liverpool understand how important it is to work in partnership to make positive changes for older people.”

Isobel Godwin, Team Leader
Liverpool Housing Trust

LHT Testimonial

Merseytravel testimonial

“Merseytravel, together with Liverpool & Sefton Chambers of Commerce, are delighted to have enabled Home Carers funding access to Liverpool City Region’s Growth Plan. By obtaining grants for pool bikes, showers, secure cycle parking & equipment storage facilities, commuting to work by bike and cycling for business trips are now a healthy, sustainable, low cost & low polluting option for employees who wish to take advantage.”

Steve Atkinson, Engagement Officer
Merseytravel (Mann Island)